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Thinking Outside the Lunch Box

At Redwood Kids in Havelock North we are gearing up for a great year of daycare days, and that includes enjoying some great lunchtimes. Redwood Kids is a centrewide lunchbox centre, which means that all age groups at our childcare bring a packed lunch across the whole week. So, we thought we would roll out a few great tips and tricks to make sure we are all getting through the day as stress-free and sustainably as we can.

Getting Ready for The Next Step

One of our areas of focus for our preschool tamariki at Redwood Kids is making the transition from daycare to school smooth for our bigger kids. We understand what a big move this is, not just for your child, but for you too. We encourage all our daycare whanau to work together on some practical steps you can take to make the next step a fun one. One of the great skills you can teach your child ahead of school is to help to make their lunch.

Long Term Thinking

Our team at Redwood Kids childcare Havelock North often gets your tamariki into the daycare kitchen space, we love to do a bit of baking here! Getting kids comfortable with safe ways to enjoy being part of food preparation is a great way to give yourself a break. Maybe not right away, but with a little patience and persistence, not too far down the line. Teaching your little ones how to make a sandwich with yummy fresh ingredients, how to peel a carrot – even some basic cooking skills – will help them become more independent.

Smart Storage Options

Mixing tiny fingers and Glad Wrap can be a (sometimes amusing) recipe for a mess. We love to use little containers that will fit inside the lunchbox as a great alternative to single-use plastics, these are also much easy for your Redwood Kid to fill with healthy lunchbox options. You can pop carrots into one and hummus into another, we like some dried fruit, or some ham and cheese cubes – and some biscuits for afterwards of course!

The Sunday Bake Off

Once your tamariki have learned a few skills in the kitchen, (at Redwood Kids we start with measuring, sifting, pouring, and cracking eggs), you might even manage to carve out a bit of time on the weekend to do a little baking together. Although this might feel like a stressful idea, most of us seem to enjoy it once we get going, and the rewards are usually pretty tasty! A great jumping-off point is to start with some pikelets, these are great lunchbox treats. You can butter and jam, or try a savoury topping and these little gems will last up to 4 days if you store them properly or you can freeze a big batch. A little bit of organisation and fun now, and before long you will be getting your breakfast in bed!

Come into Redwood Kids childcare centre in Havelock North for a chat about ways we can work together to make things a little bit easier for you in the long run.