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Keeping Family Connected at Redwood Kids Havelock North with Storypark App

At Redwood Kids in Havelock North we are always looking for ways to extend our community. We love to keep all our Redwood Kids whanau up to date with the activities we are planning, and we also think it’s so important to share special moments throughout the day so you can see what your childcare child is achieving and enjoying while you spend time apart.

Separation Anxiety

Each family is different and some caregivers find it really hard to drop their daycare kid off to childcare in the morning. For some of us those goodbyes can feel a little tricky, and if your tamariki is prone to getting a little upset, it can be a bit of a wrench to walk away. Did you know that at Redwood Kids daycare in Havelock North, we have a smart way to show you that even though your child may get a little upset at drop off, they generally perk up and have a great time at our early childhood centre? We use an App here to keep you up to date with important information, and to share pictures and videos of the cool stuff we are doing throughout the daycare day.

Secure And Easy To Use

The App our Havelock North childcare centre uses is called Storypark and it’s especially designed for the childcare environment. It’s secure, simple to use and we think you’ll love it! When you download Storypark, you get to choose a unique password, so all the information we share with you is private – unless you choose to widen your circle. If you want to invite someone to view the pictures and stories we post of your child at daycare, all you need is their email address. This is a really good way to keep grandparents and aunties and uncles in the loop – especially if they are overseas or living somewhere you can’t get to very often.

Smart Ways To Be More Sustainable

The other thing we do with the Storypark App is reduce the paper waste at Redwood Kids. We are always looking for ways to improve our sustainability practices, and moving our early childhood centre communications into the digital space definitely addresses the amount of hard copy notices that are going out the door. Accessing a calendar, notices, and a payment portal through Storypark stops the classic crumpled up notice in the bottom of the bag from causing you to miss important dates, and we can all use a little help with staying on top of things!

Get in touch to chat about the Storypark App at Redwood Kids Havelock North. Let us know if you are having trouble downloading it and we can help you get set up for optimum comms.