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Helping Kids Prepare for School at Redwood Kids

At Redwood Kids early childhood centre in Havelock North, we are excited about helping your tamariki transition successfully into primary school. There are lots of little things we can do together to make sure your Redwood Kid hits the ground running, and a lot of that is to do with your child feeling like they are a little it independent. When your tamariki can help themselves across a few simple tasks it makes them realise that they are capable of anything they set their minds to!

Mr Bunny Rabbit!

Little fingers can sometimes take a while to get proficient with simple tasks that are a bit fiddly. If you can teach your daycare kid to tie their own laces before they start school that will go some way towards making them feel like they are a little bit grown up. These things take practice! There are some cool ways to help your tamariki learn how to make a knot and bow – and they should learn to put their own socks on too. There is a rhyme that lots of parents use that goes ”Over, under, around and through, Meet Mr Bunny Rabbit, pull and through” which seems to work for some kids, it’s certainly worth giving it a try!

Practice Makes Perfect

Another trick with learning to tie shoelaces is to do it lots of times while the shoes are not on the feet, leave that for when it looks like you might be pretty much there. You can also encourage everyone in the family to let your Redwood Kids tamariki have ago at their laces, make a game of it when they have friends round, or you can even buy a pillow that has laces attached – or make your own. An important tip is to leave learning tasks like tying laces for times when there isn’t a huge time pressure. This is liable to make everyone grumpy and could very well end in tears.

Button Up

Learning to put their own coat on is another simple task that is going to make your daycare kid feel like they are a bit grown up. This may mean learning to do buttons, or to set the zip into the little channel themselves. Both of these things are going to require time and patience, but your Redwood Kids tamariki will gain a real sense of achievement when they have mastered dressing themselves. Again, don’t try these tasks when you are running around in the morning trying to get out of the house, leave it for a quiet time when there is no pressure to actually get it done.

At our Havelock North childcare, we reckon if we all work together we can achieve great things – and small ones! Get in touch today to chat about getting your daycare kid ready for school.