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childcare havelock north

Keeping Family Connected at Redwood Kids Havelock North with Storypark App

At Redwood Kids in Havelock North we are always looking for ways to extend our community. We love to keep all our Redwood Kids whanau up to date with the activities we are planning, and we also think it’s so […]

daycare havelock north

Helping Kids Prepare for School at Redwood Kids

At Redwood Kids early childhood centre in Havelock North, we are excited about helping your tamariki transition successfully into primary school. There are lots of little things we can do together to make sure your Redwood Kid hits the ground […]

daycare havelock north

Thinking Outside the Lunch Box

At Redwood Kids in Havelock North we are gearing up for a great year of daycare days, and that includes enjoying some great lunchtimes. Redwood Kids is a centrewide lunchbox centre, which means that all age groups at our childcare […]

childcare havelock north

The Importance of Choosing the Right Childcare Centre

Whether it was a matter of months or years, your child was largely with you for the first part of your life – and now it’s someone else’s turn! It’s a big decision, selecting a childcare centre in the Hawke's [...]
early childcare havelock north

The First 5 Years of Learning in Early Childhood Education

The first five years of a child's life are incredibly significant and influential, not just for their development but also for ensuring children are supported to land on the right pathway for future success. Simple experiences that you see happen [...]

Our different seasons throughout the year present so many learning opportunities for tamariki. We believe that there is no reason for learning and play to stop in the cooler months, in fact there are so many creative ways that Winter [...]